BY Hungry Bear

Chu Chocolate Bar and Cafe in Asoke

A nutritious breakfast or lunch 😋 is necessary to keep workaholics like me up and running 😁. So recently, I was at the Chu chocolate bar and cafe to try out their lunch menu 😍. 

Chu chocolate bar and cafe on the second floor of Exchange Tower at Asoke is famous for its western-styled breakfast and lunch menu 😋 Their service quality is satisfactory, and the calm ambiance is popular among locals and westerners 🤗 The breakfast here cannot be complete without the mouthwatering waffles 🧇, pancakes 🥞, sandwiches 🥪, and light food for lunch with plenty of desserts 🍰🤤

I loved the Chu chocolate bar and cafe so much that I can't stop talking about it ❤️ and let me share some of it with you.