Tai Lue Cultural Center (Wat Yuan): Embracing Tradition in Phayao459
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Tai Lue Cultural Center (Wat Yuan): Embracing Tradition in Phayao

Phayao is a tranquil region nestled amidst picturesque mountains and valleys, offering awe-inspiring natural landscapes. While it may have limited amenities, it is a lively community immersed in the beauty of nature, enriched by captivating religious sites, a deep-rooted historical heritage that has nurtured a splendid art and culture scene, and a unique culinary tradition that promises delightful experiences.

One of the city's standout attractions is the Center of Tai Lue Culture (Wat Yuan), which holds a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors due to its popularity and profound religious and cultural significance. This cultural hub serves as a showcase for the traditional crafts of the Tai Lue people, with a particular focus on their vibrant and intricately patterned fabrics.

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The Tai Lue Cultural Center, located at Yuan Temple in Chiang Kham District, awaits your visit. So, get your luggage and camera ready as we embark on a virtual journey to this hidden gem!


The Bear Travel Fun Fact!

The Tai Lue people have a calm, diligent, and tolerant character. They similarly retain the traditional culture and traditions, such as the culture of dress.



Discover the Cultural Beauty of Wat Yuan in Phayao

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The Tai Lue Cultural Center at Yuan Temple in Chiang Kham District, Phayao, has a significant cultural and historical background. Established in 1993, this center originated from the efforts of Phrakhru Suphat Phromkun, the abbot of Wat Yuan, who aimed to revive the traditional craft of weaving within the Tai Lue community.

MP Laddawan Wongsrivong and Minister Anand Panyarachun, both closely connected to the Yuan village, played a pivotal role in securing a 3 million baht budget from the Tourism Authority of Thailand to build a museum. Most exhibits on display were contributed by village elders who recognized the importance of preserving Tai Lue's cultural heritage.

  • Challenges and Revival:
    • Temporary closure due to a lack of official caretakers.
    • Reopened on January 25, 2012, with Ajarn Hataithip Chuasaat leading the way as a dedicated volunteer.
    • Required extensive restoration, including fixing doors, windows, and lighting.
    • There is an ongoing need for glass display cabinets to ensure proper conservation of objects.

  • Cultural Heritage Display:
    • Focuses on the traditional crafts of the Tai Lue people, primarily their vibrant and intricate fabric patterns.
    • Prominently showcases patterns like Dok Kho Kruea, Dok Khor, Ma, and Dok Tang, among others.
    • Vital for preserving Tai Lue cultural heritage and their traditional weaving techniques.



Unveiling Tai Lue Heritage: Inside the Cultural Center

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The Tai Lue Cultural Center stands as a significant repository of the Tai Lue people's rich cultural heritage. Established in 1993, this two-story building features three exhibition rooms, each offering unique insights into the Tai Lue way of life.

Visitors can explore the center's various exhibitions that shed light on everything from the intriguing bamboo "castle" used in funerals to literary treasures inscribed on palm leaves.

  • "Castle" of Spiritual Significance
    • Discover the traditional bamboo "castle" on the ground floor, a structure used in funerals to provide essential items for the departed, believed to guide them to the afterlife.

  • Preserved Literary Treasures
    • Explore a collection of "Papsa" or palm leaves containing literary works, including the teachings of Princess Taeng On, a medical and spiritual guide.

  • Weaving and Textile Artistry
    • Ascend to the upper floor, where you'll find a room dedicated to materials, appliances, fabrics, and textile models used by the Tai Lue people in their intricate weaving and textile arts.

  • Traditional Tai Lue Kitchen
    • The last room recreates a Tai Lue kitchen, displaying everyday items such as charcoal irons, bamboo water flasks, and tools used in daily life.

  • Weaving Workshops
    • The Tai Lue Cultural Center serves as an educational hub, allowing visitors to witness the art of weaving through hands-on experiences and high school programs.
    • It offers valuable insights into the Tai Lue way of life, making it a compelling learning center for all curious about this fascinating culture.


The Bear Travel Trivia

The Centre of Tai Lue Culture is a cultural and art exhibition center and a vocational training center.



Why Visit the Tai Lue Cultural Center (Wat Yuan) in Phayao?

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The Tai Lue Cultural Center's museum boasts a captivating journey through the history and daily life of the Tai Lue people. Here, you can immerse yourself in the past as you explore exhibits that re-create the essence of Tai Lue's existence, featuring:

  • Historical Simulations

    • Step into meticulously reconstructed scenarios, including bedrooms, ancient tools, knives, swords, and implements used in traditional Tai Lue livelihoods.

  • Folk Wisdom on "Papsa"

    • Delve into the wisdom preserved in "Papsa" or folk textbooks, gaining insights into beliefs, religions, and cultural practices, all artfully displayed on the second floor.

  • Ancient Tai Lue Textiles:

    • Marvel at the exquisite display of ancient Tai Lue textiles, focusing on traditional Luang Phak Luang cloth, often offered to the Buddha.

    • Discover smaller fabric pieces used for prostrating, adorning Thai elements for monk offerings, crafting divine robes, and creating Munchana cloth, specifically designed for presenting to monks during the culmination of Buddhist Lent.

  • Weaving Workshops

    • Learn about the art of Tai Lue textiles through interactive exhibits, which provide a comprehensive look at the textile creation process, from fiber production to cotton spinning and rolling.

    • You can even try weaving, gaining a deeper appreciation for the artistry integral to Tai Lue culture.



How to Visit the Tai Lue Cultural Center (Wat Yuan) in Phayao?

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For visitors traveling to the Tai Lue Cultural Center in Chiang Kham, here are detailed directions to help you find this cultural gem:

  • From Phaholyothin Road, head towards Mueang Phayao District.

  • At the Mae Tam Intersection, turn right onto Highway No. 1021, which leads to Dok Kham Tai District.

  • Continue along this route, passing through Dok Khamtai District, Chun District, and Chiang Kham District.

  • Upon reaching the junction near Chiang Kham Hospital, proceed straight through the grounds.

  • Continue along the road until you reach the end, where you will encounter an intersection.

  • Take a left turn at this intersection and continue straight for approximately 1 kilometer.

  • Your destination, Wat Yuan, the Center of Tai Lue Culture, will be found within this vicinity, awaiting your exploration of Tai Lue heritage and artistry.


The Bear Travel Did you know?

You can learn about the way of life of the Tai Lue community, which displays art and culture, such as the Tai Lue textile exhibition and many antique exhibitions related to the daily life of the Tai Lue people in the past.



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Tai Lue Cultural Center (Wat Yuan) was organized to display arts and culture and vocational training for the Tai Lue people. Primarily the fabrics of the Tai Lue people with brilliant patterns and colors. It was established in 1993 to weave groups moving to Wat Yuan to protect and rebuild weaving in the Tai Lue style Because weaving began to disappear from the village.

Tai Lue Cultural Center (wat Yuan) Embracing Tradition in Phayao


Entrance Fees


Business Address

190 Moo 3, Yuan Sub-district, Chiang Kham District, Phayao Province 56110

Business Hours

09:00 - 17:30  |  Wednesday to Sunday

Phone Number

+66 (0) 871-826-731


Tai Lue Cultural Center (Wat Yuan)


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