Sala Keoku Park: Explore the Religious-Inspired Park in Nong Khai61
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Sala Keoku Park: Explore the Religious-Inspired Park in Nong Khai

If you plan to visit Thailand and look for somewhere memorable to visit that showcases some of the country's best Buddhist aspects, a trip to Sala Keokou Park in Nong Khai is an interesting choice.

The Nong Khai region of Thailand is close to Laos's border and a short distance from its capital, Vientiane. The Sala Keoku Park and its magnificent temples are sometimes referred to as Wak Khaek and are home to many large stone sculptures that are intrinsically inspired by Thailand’s Buddhist roots.

Spend your day sightseeing at Sala Keo Kou Park in Nong Khai and soak in the memories of your visit that will last forever.


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Sala Keo Kou Park is an exquisite place to visit and praise the timeless work of art in the shape of beautifully crafted statues. Visitors can also feed the fish inside the pond and enjoy their day sightseeing.



One of Nong Khai's Beautiful Attractions

Located near the border and the historic Mekong River, the park has become popular with tourists over the past ten years. The park was originally constructed in 1978 and enjoyed a memorable style, using Buddhist symbols, and was created by the Buddhist architect, Sulilat. It is similar to Buddha Park, on the other side of the Mekong in Laos, but is even more flamboyant and monumental. 

Some concrete sculptures will blow your mind, reaching up to 25 meters in height in some places. You can check out the sculpture, which depicts Buddha meditating whilst being protected by the seven-headed serpent god, the Naga. Sulilat’s main architectural style merges ancient legends with recurring themes based on Buddhist legends while also displaying a naturalistic feel. 


The Bear Travel   Trivia!

The third floor of the Sala Keoku pavilion holds the mummified body of Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat.



Sala Keoku's Stunning Landmarks

One of the most famous and intriguing parts of the park is the impressive Sala Keoku's Wheel of Life, which is represented by a grouping of sculptures in a circle that mimics the karmic way of the universe. The cycle represents the path of birth to death, or as we in the West like to call it, "cradle to grave." The cycle finishes with a man becoming enlightened and reaching the position of Buddha.   

Another popular landmark at the park is the Sala Keoku Pavilion, a three-story concrete building that looks very much like a Muslim mosque. The building was constructed after Sulilat passed away, with the third floor holding his ashes, his mummified body, and a load of artifacts. 

The park enjoys many visitors, especially at weekends, as locals flock to see the sculptures. One of the great things about the park is that it’s only 20 THB to get in, which is immense value for money. Outside the park, you will find an area with lots of souvenir stalls, food vendors, and even lottery ticket sellers. The place has a nice feel of tranquility and excitement. 




Map & More Information


Sala Keoku Park at Nong Khai is a religious-inspired park with concrete sculptures inspired by Buddhism. Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat was built in close proximity to the Thai-Laos border and the mighty Mekong River. The depiction of Buddha meditating under the 7-head naga snake and the wheel of life are some of the famous sculptures.



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