Essential Apps in Thailand: Exploring the Best for Travelers626
BY Professor Bear

Essential Apps in Thailand: Exploring the Best for Travelers

Preparing for a trip to Thailand opens doors to a world of excitement and discovery. Whether you're a novice traveler or a seasoned globetrotter, having the right apps at your fingertips can significantly enhance your experience.

From exploring vibrant cities to immersing yourself in the rich culture, these essential applications are designed to streamline your journey and ensure every moment is memorable. So, whether you're going on a short vacation or planning a long-term stay in Thailand, these apps are indispensable companions for navigating its breathtaking wonders.

Now, let's look at all the essential apps you'll definitely need while in Thailand.


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Having useful and informative smartphone apps is crucial when traveling in different places. 



City Transit Made Easy: BTS and MRT Apps

Rear View Woman Walking Bus

Effortlessly navigate Bangkok's bustling streets with these essential BTS and MRT apps:

  • Bangkok Metro Transit Map
    • Stay updated on the latest rates, stations, and timetables with this comprehensive app.
    • Even without internet access underground, this app provides essential information to help you discover and share the quickest routes to your destination.


  • Bangkok Transit
    • Simplify your commute with Bangkok Transit, a user-friendly app offering alternative routes and offline maps.
    • Whether you're a local or a tourist, this app is truly helpful for navigating Bangkok's public transportation system.


  • BKK Rail
    • Serving commuters in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) and its suburbs, BKK Rail aggregates data from all three major railway systems: MRT, BTS, and ARL.
    • With comprehensive services and real-time updates, BKK Rail ensures a smooth and efficient railway commute in the bustling city.


  • Thailand Bangkok MRT BTS Rail Map
    • This app requires no data connection for the most recent offline map of Bangkok's MRT and BTS systems.
    • It is ideal for tourists and everyday commuters alike and offers a simple and easy-to-use interface for quick reference.


  • Thai Skytrain
    • Your invaluable guide to finding sky train stations, calculating fares, and locating entry and exit points at each station.
    • Thai Skytrain ensures smooth navigation of Bangkok's elevated train system.



Chow Down with Convenience: Food Discovery Apps in Thailand

People Taking Photos Food

Exploring Thailand's culinary scene is a delightful adventure, made even more convenient with the aid of these essential food discovery apps:

  • Chope
    • If you can't find your desired restaurant in any of the food apps available, Chope has you covered.
    • Book a table hassle-free and enjoy incentives with each meal booked using the app.
    • Like any other food app, Chope is also free to use, adding extra convenience to your dining plans.


  • Eatigo
    • Offering savings of up to 50% off the entire menu, Eatigo is your go-to app for finding restaurant bargains.
    • Its diverse selection of eateries and substantial discounts make dining out a budget-friendly affair.
    • Plus, it's completely free to use!


  • Foodpanda
    • With an extensive array of eateries and frequent discounts, Foodpanda is a must-have for food enthusiasts in Thailand.
    • Continuously offering fantastic deals and discount coupons ensures that your dining experiences are both satisfying and economical.


  • Grab Food
    • Beyond just food delivery, Grab excels at handling a myriad of services, including taxis, ride-hailing, and groceries.
    • Fast, reliable, and affordable, Grab Food ensures that delicious meals are just a tap away wherever you are in Thailand.


    • Boasting a "The more you spend, the more you get" campaign, LINE MAN offers enticing benefits along with integrated half-price co-pay options.
    • With delivery fees starting at 0 Thai Baht, it's a wallet-friendly choice for satisfying your cravings.


  • Robinhood
    • Serving as Thailand's premier app for food delivery, shopping, and more, Robinhood offers a comprehensive solution for all your needs.
    • Powered by Purple Ventures, it guarantees enjoyable meals at your fingertips anytime you crave them.


  • Wongnai
    • From finding restaurants to accessing beauty services and attractions, Wongnai is your ultimate companion for discovering deals and ordering food delivery.
    • With its user-friendly interface, navigating Thailand's culinary landscape has never been easier.



Get It Delivered: Shopping and Delivery Apps in Thailand

Buying Clothes with Virtual Reality App Smart Phone Choosing Color Size Dress

When it comes to shopping and delivery convenience in Thailand, these apps are at the forefront of innovation and efficiency:

  • Amazon Shopping
    • Offering app-exclusive features for a faster and easier shopping experience, Amazon Shopping ensures that you never miss a delivery.
    • With a user-friendly interface, browsing and purchasing on Amazon has never been more convenient.


  • Lazada
    • With its vast selection of commodities and unbeatable prices, Lazada is a go-to destination for online shoppers.
    • Enjoy free shipping and explore a plethora of products, all available at your fingertips through the Lazada app.


  • ShopBack
    • Discover the best deals and offers while earning rewards with ShopBack.
    • With cashback rewards of up to 30% at over 2,000 merchants, ShopBack makes online shopping a rewarding experience.
    • Start your shopping journey with ShopBack and enjoy savings with every purchase, including shipping costs.


  • Shopee
    • As a leading online shopping platform in Southeast Asia, Shopee offers a seamless experience with a wide range of products.
    • With secure payment and delivery options, Shopee ensures that your shopping experience is both convenient and hassle-free.



Ride in Style: Taxi and Transportation Apps in Thailand

Online Taxi Smartphone Girl Holds Phone Her Hands with Mobile Application Screen against Background Car

Navigating Thailand's bustling streets is made effortless with these top-notch taxi and transportation apps:

  • Bolt
    • Offering digital payments and transportation alternatives for businesses and institutions, Bolt is a versatile choice for travelers in Thailand.
    • Whether you're a client, employee, or guest, Bolt provides efficient transportation solutions at your fingertips.


  • Bonku
    • With features like price transparency, driver availability, and a user-friendly interface, Bonku's taxi app simplifies your travel experience.
    • Stay connected with various devices and enjoy excellent customer care throughout your journey.


  • Cabb app
    • Elevate your travel experience with the Cabb app's classy blue automobiles reminiscent of London cabs.
    • With premium service from trustworthy drivers, the Cabb app ensures a comfortable journey every time.


  • Grab
    • Known for its intuitive interface, Grab offers a seamless booking experience with dedicated sections for each service.
    • From booking rides to tracking drivers and making payments, everything can be done conveniently within the app.


  • inDrive
    • As a reliable rideshare app, inDrive allows you to find a ride easily or join a driver team.
    • With its user-friendly platform, inDrive offers flexibility and convenience for both passengers and drivers alike.



Move with Ease: Moving and Storage Apps in Thailand

Asian Couple Watching Workers Move Their New Home

When it comes to relocating in Thailand, these moving and storage apps offer unparalleled convenience and reliability:

  • Asian Tigers
    • Offering comprehensive support from start to finish, Asian Tigers aims to alleviate stress throughout your move.
    • A highly qualified team handles every step, from packing to unpacking, while ensuring a smooth transition to your new destination.


  • Lalamove
    • Operating akin to Grab, Lalamove simplifies the moving process by allowing users to select the desired vehicle size, arrange pick-up, and specify additional services like door-to-door item transport.
    • With Lalamove, moving becomes a hassle-free experience.


  • Saharienthong
    • With a focus on relieving the burden of moving, Saharienthong allows you to sit back and relax while its specialists take care of the heavy lifting.
    • With a fleet of ready-to-go trucks, Saharienthong ensures a hassle-free relocation experience, allowing you to enjoy a cup of coffee while they handle the rest.


  • Santa Fe Relocation
    • Known for its commitment to quality, Santa Fe Relocation utilizes the finest packaging materials and processes to ensure the safety of your belongings during transit.
    • With Santa Fe Relocation, you can trust that your items are in good hands.


  • Thai Movers
    • With over two decades of experience, Thai Movers prioritizes customer service and aims to make every transaction seamless.
    • Whether you're moving locally or internationally, Thai Movers ensures a stress-free relocation process.



Weather Watch: Weather Forecasting Apps in Thailand

Woman outside City Checking Weather Forecast Her Mobile Phone

Stay ahead of any weather curve with these reliable forecasting apps tailored for Thailand:

  • Clime
    • Offering real-time radar images, Clime ensures your safety by providing up-to-the-minute weather updates and warnings.
    • With its accurate predictions, Clime keeps you informed and prepared for any weather conditions.


  • IQAir AirVisual
    • While primarily focused on air quality information, IQAir AirVisual also offers an accurate and trustworthy weather forecast tool.
    • Stay informed about both air quality and weather conditions with this comprehensive app.


  • Windy
    • Trusted by a diverse range of outdoor enthusiasts, Windy provides timely and dependable weather information essential for various activities.
    • Whether you're a boater, paraglider, fisherman, skydiver, or pilot, Windy's comprehensive forecasts are invaluable for planning your adventures in Thailand.


  • Yahoo Weather
    • Known for its visually appealing interface, Yahoo Weather is a popular choice for accessing weather information in Thailand.
    • With its engaging UI, Yahoo Weather keeps you captivated while providing reliable forecasts to plan your days with confidence.



Payment Powerhouses: Wallet and Payment Apps in Thailand

Man Hands Using Mobile Phone Holding Bills

Effortlessly manage your finances with these powerhouse wallet and payment apps tailored for Thailand:

  • AirPay
    • Providing a plethora of payment options for physical and digital items, AirPay ensures flexibility in your spending.
    • From phone credit to utility bills and cinema tickets to e-commerce purchases, AirPay offers a comprehensive solution for all your payment needs.


  • mPay
    • Renowned for its bill payment feature, mPay simplifies regular monthly payments such as electricity and gas bills.
    • Additionally, it facilitates seamless transactions for both business and e-commerce merchants, making it a convenient choice for managing your finances.


  • PromptPay
    • Offering a variety of functions, including money transfers, bill payments, and QR code payments, PromptPay is a versatile app for all your financial needs.
    • Customers can easily link their PromptPay account to their bank account for added convenience, ensuring smooth transactions with every use.


  • Rabbit LINE Pay
    • As an all-in-one app, Rabbit LINE pay is a popular choice for paying for services and commodities across various platforms, including e-commerce and offline stores.
    • Additionally, it facilitates convenient payments for road tolls, adding extra utility to your everyday transactions.


  • TrueMoney
    • Offering a wide array of services, including card payments, kiosk payments, and cash-based transactions, TrueMoney is a versatile tool you can use for both online and offline purchases.
    • With seamless functionality, TrueMoney simplifies transactions for services and commodities, ensuring convenience at every turn.



Global Financial Freedom: International Banking Apps in Thailand

Internet Banking Online Payment Technology Concept

Empower your financial endeavors with these international banking apps designed to offer seamless transactions from Thailand to destinations worldwide:

  • CurrencyFair
    • With its clean and user-friendly interface, CurrencyFair's mobile app simplifies the process of registering, transferring funds, and seeking support.
    • The uncluttered design, featuring a simple white and green color scheme, enhances usability and ensures a seamless experience.


  • Remitly
    • Catering to immigrants who frequently send small payments to regions like South America, Asia, or Africa, Remitly offers lightning-fast transfers with competitive rates and a multitude of receiving options.
    • With Remitly, sending money internationally is both convenient and cost-effective.


  • Skrill Money Transfer
    • Facilitating free money transfers to bank accounts in supported countries, Skrill Money Transfer ensures swift delivery of funds, whether through the mobile app or internet platform.
    • With transfers arriving in minutes, Skrill Money Transfer provides unparalleled convenience for global transactions.


  • Wise
    • Among the most popular apps on the market, Wise boasts a clean user interface with ample white space.
    • Transferring funds, signing up, and contacting customer service are all quick and straightforward, making Wise a top choice for international banking needs.


  • XE
    • Renowned for its professionalism and comprehensive features, the XE mobile app provides abundant data, charts, and tools for informed decision-making.
    • Transferring funds is effortless, requiring only a few taps, while signing up and accessing support are quick and convenient.



Money Matters: International Salary Apps in Thailand

Cellphone Internet Banking Mobile Money Transfer Trading Online Shopping Finance Investment Cash Broker Trader Manager Spending Credit Payment Ecommerce from Digital Wallet When it comes to handling any international payments and salaries in Thailand, these apps offer streamlined solutions:

  • Bank Wire Transfers
    • Open a Thai bank account to initiate global wire transfers for paying your contractors.
    • This traditional method ensures secure transactions and is widely accepted for international payments.


  • OnPay
    • Tailored for small businesses, OnPay offers quick and accurate payroll management supported by payroll professionals.
    • With OnPay, you can efficiently handle payroll tasks and ensure compliance with regulations.


  • Paychex
    • Designed for comprehensive payroll administration, Paychex offers flexibility in managing various HR-related tasks.
    • From insurance to payroll and taxes, Paychex provides a suite of services to streamline your payroll process.


  • Payoneer
    • With Payoneer accounts, managing your earnings and making payments becomes effortless.
    • Save time and effort while accessing your funds and overseeing financial transactions.


  • Remote
    • Simplify the process of hiring and paying international remote workers with Remote.
    • This platform handles the entire process, saving you time, money, and the hassle of managing it independently.



Health Assurance Anywhere: International/Nomad Health Insurance Apps

Health Check Covid 19 Symptoms Checker Mobile Application Concept Man Hands Holding Mobile Phone

Ensure peace of mind no matter where you are with these top-notch health insurance apps tailored for international and nomadic lifestyles:

  • AXA
    • With its global reach, AXA is a trusted choice for health insurance coverage.
    • Offering various plans to fit different budgets, AXA provides peace of mind with its comprehensive health insurance options.


  • Bupa
    • As a renowned name in health insurance, Bupa is synonymous with reliability and extensive coverage.
    • With its widespread presence in Thailand, it offers comprehensive health insurance solutions tailored to your needs.


  • LMG
    • Despite being new to the business, LMG is making waves with its innovative and cost-effective strategies.
    • Known for their swift application processing, LMG ensures that you're covered without delay.


  • Navakij
    • One of the leading insurance firms in Thailand, Navakij is making strides in the health insurance market with policies designed for Thai consumers.
    • As they enter the health insurance sector, Navakij brings their expertise to provide tailored coverage for your healthcare needs.


  • PassportCard
    • Offering quick payouts and hassle-free claims processing, PassportCard Insurance stands out for its prompt response during emergencies.
    • With no out-of-pocket expenses or lengthy claiming processes, PassportCard provides immediate coverage when you need it most.


🧑‍🎓 Quick Trivia!

Thailand's App market is expected to increase by 8.91% by 2027, with market volume reaching US$2373.00 million.



Embracing Convenience with Thailand's Essential Apps

Essential Apps in Thailand: Exploring The Best for Travelers

Thailand's breathtaking wonders, delectable cuisine, and vibrant culture make it a captivating destination for every traveler from around the world. Amidst the allure of golden temples and bustling markets, these indispensable applications have seamlessly woven into our travel experiences. Who could have imagined that a few taps on a smartphone could enhance our exploration of this exotic land?

Whether you're going on your first journey to Thailand or are a seasoned traveler, these apps serve as invaluable companions, simplifying every aspect of your trip. From navigating bustling streets to discovering hidden gems and savoring local delicacies, they pave the way for unforgettable adventures in this tropical paradise.

So, don't hesitate to download and utilize these essential applications—they're your ticket to a smooth and seamless travel experience in the Land of Smiles. Let them be your guide as you immerse yourself in all that Thailand has to offer.



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