Songkran Travel Tips: Dos and Don'ts for a Safe, Enjoyable Experience659
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Songkran Travel Tips: Dos and Don'ts for a Safe, Enjoyable Experience

At the beginning of April, Thailand prepares for its most vibrant new year celebration, the Songkran Water Festival. As we already know, it is the annual water festival that continues over three days during the traditional Thai New Year. The beautiful Songkran is always marked by its most popular and joyous water fights, community gatherings, and cultural values.  

So, Songkran is undoubtedly the happiest time in Thailand, as both locals and foreigners are eager to join in the festivities and experience the unique and unforgettable festival.

Songkran Festival in Thailand

However, besides the excitement, we must be careful, prioritize our safety, and know the local customs and traditions related to Songkran in Thailand. With all that, we hope to explore the most essential Songkran travel tips to highlight the do’s and don’ts for a safe and enjoyable experience during this lively festival.

So, here's a travel tip guide for a safe, enjoyable experience during the Songkran Water Festival. Let’s start with cultural etiquette and navigate the world of water using all the practical safety measures


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The water fights during Songkran greatly relieve the soaring temperatures of April, Thailand's hottest month.  



Songkran Water Festival in Thailand

High Angle View Crowd Street Market Songkran Festival

During the Songkran season, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok), Chiang Mai, Phuket, and other major towns of Thailand are filled with festivities. The Songkran Water Festival is a must-visit celebration in Thailand, comprising parades, festivities, beauty pageants, and amazing water fights.

Moreover, Songkran is the best time for people to stay with their families and be involved in family-friendly activities to gain joy for the whole family. While the children and young generations mostly engage in water fights and entertainment events, most devoted Buddhists will visit traditional temples to pay for their offerings. 

Furthermore, anyone who visits Thailand during Songkran will be able to see how the locals follow a cleansing rite by pouring water on Buddha statues in the hope of washing away sins and warding off bad luck for the new year. Songkran is also the perfect time to show respect and reverence for elders. 



Staying Safe During the Songkran Festival 

Portrait Beautiful Woman Songkran Festival with Thai Traditional Costume

While enjoying the wonderful festival of Songkran, we must always be careful about our safety. Most importantly, there is a high risk of accidents and injuries as Songkran is a time of massive water fights and celebrations. Traffic jams and crowded streets can also cause high levels of accidents during Songkran. 

Moreover, you have to be responsible and patient, as it is possible to face risky behaviors due to the high level of alcohol consumption. Don’t forget to be careful about the country's health guidelines, as April has the highest rate of infectious diseases. So, be cautious and safe and celebrate an unforgettable Songkran festival in Thailand. 



Essential Things to Do During Songkran

Caucasian Young Woman Are Ready Fight with Water Gun Songkran Festival Holiday Concept

#1 Genuinely Join Fun Festivities

Participating genuinely and spontaneously can add a vibrant atmosphere to the Songkran festival. It shows the rich cultural traditions and joyous spirit of the Songkran. So, don’t forget to enjoy water fights responsibly while respecting traditional rituals and joining with others in a friendly manner. 


#2 Say “Sawasdee Pee Mai” to Wish “Happy New Year”

Blessing each other for a safe and prosperous new year is a significant feature of the Songkran festival. You can use the greeting “Sawasdee Pee Mai," which means "Happy New Year" during the Songkran festival. It will be a greeting to wish for goodwill and blessings while it symbolizes the spirit of Thai culture. 


#3 Try to Use Public Transportation

The best method of transportation in Thailand is public transportation because heavy traffic will result during the festivities. You will experience difficulty navigating through traffic while driving your vehicle. So, using public transportation like buses or trains will help you to enjoy a hassle-free Songkran festival.

In addition, public transportation will avoid the risk of accidents and legal issues. Most importantly, if you are an eco-traveler and need to save the environment, public transportation will be your best choice as it is an environmentally friendly method of transportation.


#4 Bring Only the Necessary Things

If you want a more enjoyable and hassle-free experience during Songkran, bring only the necessary items. That way, you cannot carry your bulky items in very crowded areas, and you can reduce the risk of losing your valuable items to theft and robberies.


#5 Wear Appropriate Clothes and Footwear 

For a trouble-free and comfortable trip during Songkran, you should wear the most appropriate clothes and footwear. Select a lightweight and quick-drying dress code to suit the largest water festival in Thailand. In addition, don’t forget to wear waterproof shoes, and a hat and/or sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.  



Things Not to Do During Songkran

Young Couple Enjoy with Water Gun Songkran Festival

#1 Don’t Splash Water Disrespectfully

Although the Songkran festival is the biggest water festival in Thailand, you have to avoid splashing water on monks, babies, elderly people, drivers, and pregnant women unnecessarily. Be mindful of the people around you and only splash water on those actively participating in the celebration. 


#2 Don’t Drink too Much

Behaving and drinking responsibly are key to an enjoyable Songkran festival. Excessive alcohol consumption leads to accidents and dehydration. So, the best idea is to set a personal limit or avoid drinking during the Songkran period. In addition, keep in mind that drinking near temples is prohibited in the country. 


#3 Don’t Drink Icy Water

As April is one of the hottest months, icy water is the most popular. However, drinking icy water may cause shock to the body, and health advisers advise against it. So, keep in mind to avoid icy water as you are hot from the festivities, and you can use lukewarm water to stay healthy.    


#4 Don’t Be Aggressive and Violent 

Songkran is a family-friendly celebration, and we must stay peaceful and respectful when dealing with different kinds of people. We must avoid aggressive behaviors and violence to enjoy the festivities in a safe and harmonious environment. 


#5 Don’t Pollute the Environment 

April causes the highest environmental pollution rate compared to other seasons. So, we must be careful about the environment and avoid polluting it. For example, you can avoid dumping waste in public places, water resources, and natural environments. Accordingly, you can help to maintain the environment properly by disposing of garbage in relevant places and following eco-friendly rules in the country. 



Importance of Following Safety Tips During Songkran

Safety First Text Post It

  • Prevent accidents

  • Avoid wastage of money

  • Improve personal well-being

  • Have a hassle-free experience 

  • Improve personal and public hygiene practices 

  • Teach the young generations about cultural norms and measures


Accordingly, when you follow safety tips and guidelines, you can enjoy your Thailand tour and fully celebrate the Songkran Water Festival. You will also reduce the risks of accidents and unnecessary threats.



Have a Safe, Enjoyable Songkran Experience!

Women Playing with Water Guns Songkran Festival

We encourage you to heed the tips outlined in our article for a safe and enjoyable experience during this lively water festival. Prioritize your personal safety and hygiene while participating in the celebrations. Simple practices such as staying hydrated, applying sunscreen, dressing suitably, wearing waterproof footwear, and staying informed will enhance your enjoyment of Songkran.

By following these guidelines, you can celebrate the Songkran festival responsibly, creating enduring memories safely and respectfully. Embrace the festive spirit while ensuring your well-being and contributing to the joyous atmosphere of the occasion.


Songkran Travel Tips: Do’s & Don’ts for A Safe, Enjoyable Experience

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