BY The Bear Travelers

Khao Chee Chan – Buddha Mountain

Jutting out from the ground like a godly creation, Khao Chee Chan is a mesmerizing and must-visit place of interest located over towards Bangsaray near the Silverlake Vineyard.

Khao Chee Chan also known as Buddha Mountain, is one of the most famous and popular tourist attractions in the Pattaya region, Home to the biggest Buddha image sculpted into a cliff face in gold, the height of the monument is 109 meters and 70 meters in width. 

Whether you are Buddhist or just want to see something interesting. Let us take you on a stroll around the stunning gardens and be sure to take some photos.



The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

Your visit to Pattaya can not be complete without seeing the Buddha Mountain. You can enjoy the surroundings and even get closer to the mountain but there are some safety restrictions.


Khao Chee Chan Buddha Mountain in Pattaya

Many people come to Buddha Mountain Pattaya (aka Khao Chee Chan), to stare in awe at its beauty. You can’t actually go on the mountain, but you can get close enough to get a real feel for the size of the image. Inside the grounds of Khao Chee Chan, there are many food vendors and a souvenir shop, so be sure to stop by and have a look.