Khao Chee Chan: A Mesmerizing Buddha Mountain in Pattaya85
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Khao Chee Chan: A Mesmerizing Buddha Mountain in Pattaya

Jutting out from the ground like a godly creation, Khao Chee Chan is a mesmerizing and must-visit place of interest located towards Bangsaray near the Silverlake Vineyard.

Khao Chee Chan is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Pattaya region. Also known as Buddha Mountain, it is home to the most prominent Buddha image sculpted into a gold cliff face; the monument's height is 109 meters and 70 meters in width. 



Whether you are Buddhist or want to see something interesting, let us take you on a stroll around the stunning gardens, and be sure to take some photos.


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

Your visit to Pattaya can not be complete without seeing Buddha Mountain. You can enjoy the surroundings and even get closer to the mountain, but some safety restrictions exist.


The Buddha Mountain in Pattaya

Many people come to Buddha Mountain Pattaya (aka Khao Chee Chan) to stare in awe at its beauty. You can’t go on the mountain, but you can get close enough to get a natural feel for the size of the image. Inside the grounds of Khao Chee Chan are many food vendors and a souvenir shop, so be sure to stop by and look.



Visiting Khao Chee Chan is ideal for those traveling around the region on a day tour, where you can take in Buddha Mountain, Silverlake Vineyard, and Bangsaray Beach simultaneously. This is the perfect Pattaya attraction for people of all ages and nationalities, allowing you to see something that is aesthetically beautiful and get closer to Thai culture.



Whether you are visiting the region for a long-term period or just a few days with friends. By yourself or with your family and children, you definitely cannot afford to miss what is known as one of the must-see attractions in the Pattaya region.


How to Visit Khao Chee Chan?

The location of Buddha Mountain is over towards the Bangsaray area. If you travel southbound on Sukhumvit Road for about 30 minutes, you will find Bangsaray and a sign to turn left to visit Khao Chee Chan and Silverlake Vineyard. The mountain is approximately a 2-mile drive along this road, also home to the increasingly popular Ramayana Water Park.


The Bear Travel   Did You Know?

This monument was built in 1995 before this mountain provided construction materials. It was built in Honor of His Majesty King Bhumibol.


Why Visit Khao Chee Chan?

  • Largest Buddha image on the side of a mountain
  • Most famous and popular Pattaya attraction
  • Must-visit for anyone who is Buddhist to pay their respects
  • Stroll around the stunning gardens
  • Great photo opportunities
  • Onsite food vendors and souvenir shops


The Bear Travel   Trivia!

The 109 meters high and 70 meters wide Buddha monument is made from 24K Gold.




Map & More Information 



Khao Chee Chan features a giant sculptural image of Lord Buddha erected on a giant cliff in the Pattaya region. The idea to construct it emerged from the Supreme Patriarch's desire to preserve the marble mountains instead of allowing their destruction, as he considered it a pity. This initiative was taken to celebrate King Bhumibol's Golden Jubilee in 1995 and pay homage to His Majesty's achievements.


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Khao Chee Chan


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