Alibaba Tandoori & Curry Restaurant: An Authentic Indian Cuisine in Pattaya9
BY Waranya Chamrat (Hungry Bear)

Alibaba Tandoori & Curry Restaurant: An Authentic Indian Cuisine in Pattaya

If you want to try some spicy 🔥 Indian food or tasty curries 🍛, then let me take you to a place you will love so much you will be coming back for more 😀

Alibaba Tandoori & Curry Restaurant has been among the best Indian cuisine and Pattaya restaurants for nearly 30 years. Located near Pattaya Beach Road on Pattaya Klang (Central Pattaya Road), their food is prepared and cooked by authentic Indian chefs in an Arabian-style décor 😍

Let me share my flaming hot taste 🔥 adventure with you that will leave you craving some Tandoori Chicken 🤤 



An Indian Food Delicacy

Alibaba is located in the city's heart, at a central corner of Pattaya Beach Road and Pattaya Klang. This is one of Pattaya's most centrally located Indian restaurants and can be easily found due to its reputation and location next to the beach 🏖️.

If you love Indian food or want to try it for the first time, Alibaba Tandoori & Curry Restaurant in Pattaya is the only place to visit. With an interior design that harks back to times past in ancient India, you feel you are in the heart of India 😇 From the decorations and the upholstery to the music and even the dishware and cutlery, this is an intrinsically magnificent Indian experience ❤️

Serving classic Punjabi Indian Cuisine, if you are a fan of spicy and tasty curries 🍛 such as Rogan Josh, Masala, Tikka, and many more, you have found the premier place! 🤩 They are known for their succulent “Tandoori” meats, deliciously roasted in a clay pot, and a fantastic selection of Indian kebabs. Now, experience the taste of Indian in one of the most stylish and upscale restaurants in Pattaya City 😀

Although there are many Indian restaurants in Pattaya, it will not be easy to find one that lives up to the expectations of the mass of 'Farangs' that visit the city in search of the perfect English-Indian curry experience 😋 If you are a 'Farang' and are in search of that Indian food and quality Pattaya restaurants taste you have become accustomed to, Alibaba is a perfect choice 😍



A Must-Visit Indian Restaurant in Pattaya

For over 30 years, Alibaba Tandoori & Curry Restaurant has served authentic Indian cuisine cooked by Indian chefs in Pattaya. It is the best place to try Indian food, especially when it’s your first time in the city. The location is also effortless because it’s near Pattaya Beach Road 🏖️.

I must say! Suppose you want to try the ultimate Indian cuisine experience in Pattaya City like me. In that case, you should visit and try a variety of delicious meats cooked in a clay Tandoori oven 😋 Just one of the best selections of curries in Pattaya! ❤️



The Bear Travel Rating 

The Bear Travel Rating 4


Food Quality
The Bear Travel Rating 3


Dish Size
The Bear Travel Rating 4


Value for Money
The Bear Travel Rating 4




Map & More Information


Alibaba Tandoori & Curry Restaurant is the oldest family-owned Tandoori and Curry Indian Restaurant in the heart of Pattaya. It has grown its reputation over the last 30 years and has a comprehensive, mouth-watering menu that caters to all tastes. 


Business Hours

11.00 – 23.55 hrs  |  Monday – Sunday

Business Address

1 13-14 Central Pattaya Rd, Muang Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

Contact Number

+66 (0) 38 361 620

Email Address

Official Website

Facebook Page



12.9371466, 100.8825418



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