Kuroda Japanese Restaurant: A Memorable Eating Experience in Ayutthaya257
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Kuroda Japanese Restaurant: A Memorable Eating Experience in Ayutthaya

Whenever I visit a Japanese 🇯🇵 restaurant in Thailand 🇹🇭, I begin thinking and reliving all the great food I ate when I was in Japan recently. From sashimi to sukiyaki, I surely enjoyed many highly memorable meals over there 🎎 

Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

There’s no shortage of Japanese restaurants in Thailand. From izakayas and shabu-shabu to high-end omakase, we can’t get enough of Japanese cuisine! 😍 Fortunately, Ayutthaya similarly has an enormous list of great Japanese restaurants. Factual, new world and fusion-style 🎎  Japanese restaurants fill up its dining scene. Let me bring you to one such incredible Japanese food restaurant in Ayutthaya, the Kuroda Japanese Restaurant 🤤

Ice Cream_Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya So, if you are in the mood for Japanese cuisine, read on because I am about to share my mouth-watering experience in Ayutthaya ❤️


Best Choice for Japanese Cuisine Lovers

Thinking about a city refreshed with culinary and cultural glories passed down through the eras, Ayutthaya must come to mind first 🤗  When the topic is Ayutthaya's Japanese food restaurants,  Kuroda Japanese restaurant has risen to one of the Hall of Famers in Ayutthaya, especially in terms of value and food quality 😍 

Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

You can come and eat in the restaurant like back in the 90s, as the food is delicious and tasty with value for money. The buffet is 630 Thai Baht (with refilled drinks), and no service charge! 🤑 Also, you can taste almost 100 menus. This price comprises tea + water, and there is no service charge as well!! So, you have to make sure to hit it 🤗

Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

Unfortunately, the branch of Kuroda Japanese Buffet Restaurant in Ekkamai, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) has already been permanently closed 🥺 luckily, there are still 2 other branches. One is here in Ayutthaya, and the other one is in Korat.

Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

One nice thing about this restaurant is that it is not difficult to find, as it is just opposite the Grand Hotel Ayutthaya 😉


When Visiting the Japanese Restaurant

The restaurant has quite good value for its price, but you may have to take care of one thing: the service is relatively slow when the restaurant is full 😌 Although it's normal for any establishment with a lot of people, it's also good to keep it in mind 🥰

Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

So, just a piece of advice, make sure to try to visit early in the morning to gain their best service in a very relaxing atmosphere 😉 However, when comparing the advantages in terms of price, taste, and variety, I love them so much ❤️

Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

Of course, Ayutthaya has many Japanese factories and many Japanese people 🎎 So, the crowd is relatively high for this restaurant. The restaurant has a fascinating look with a clear and airy atmosphere inside and outside ❤️

Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

The service staff is also excellent and attentive. The best thing is that the service is delivered purely with the customer in mind 🥰 and it's a shop like a lump of hospitality that thinks about the customers who come. So it's no wonder that many customers love them 🤗


A Delicious Japanese Cuisine  

Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

If anyone likes to eat salmon, sashimi, sushi, unlimited snacks, and other Japanese food menus, the Kuroda Japanese Restaurant is definitely the best option during your Ayutthaya tour 😍 And there are as many as 40 sets to choose from! ❤️

Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

Also, have you ever tried Kuroda's BBQ? Beef 🥩 imported from Australia is super-soft because the shop has carefully chosen the ingredients, and it's incredible when eaten with the shop's special sauce. Give it a try, and you will be satisfied with your favor 💕 

Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

Sashimi's assorted set contains salmon, tuna, sea bass, and crab sticks. The sashimi has squid as well. It can be ordered separately and is very sweet. I like it very, very very much 🤤

Sashimi_Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

And another one of my favorites is the cold Udon set. The taste here is typical according to standards. You can taste endless Shrimp tempura and Japanese mixed salad here 🤩 It will be jellyfish salad, seaweed, and crab stick with a sour taste that is very good for cutting the fat 😍 Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

Black Pork Leg Kaki Tom Yum Soy Sauce is another good thing here. The pork knuckle is soft and bouncy like jelly. Chew into it. So yummy 🤤 It's delightful, smooth, and just melts in the mouth. I took it to eat with grilled garlic as well. Here. I can't forget to mention the Black chicken skewers also. It's delicious 🤩 Kuroda Japanese Restaurant in Ayutthaya

Once during my visit, I ordered salmon, izumidai, and ika, fresh meat, firm three 🤗 I liked to cut the Ika a little more thinly as it's easier to chew. You can make fried food, crispy fried, nice, with mustard and fried food sauce to choose to eat together 🤤


The Bear Travel Rating 

Kuroda Japanese Restaurant: A Memorable Eating Experience in Ayutthaya

The Bear Travel Rating 3


Food Quality
The Bear Travel Rating 4


Dish Size
The Bear Travel Rating 5


Value for Money
The Bear Travel Rating 3




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The Kuroda Japanese Restaurant offers some of the best Japanese food in Ayutthaya. They also have another branch in Korat. It's well-prepared, fresh, and located in a lovely setting. You can take a delicious Japanese buffet for 630 Thai Baht (with refilled drinks) and no service charge! It really does well in terms of taste and variety of menu. If you want to eat at a Japanese buffet in Ayutthaya, consider it one of the attractive options.


Business Hours

Monday - Friday

11:00 AM - 02:00 PM  |  04:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Saturday - Sunday  |  11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Business Address

9J24+7PF, Thanu, Uthai District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13210

Contact Number

+66 (0) 3 521 2796

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