Pattaya Beach: Visit for An Unforgettable Getaway118
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Pattaya Beach: Visit for An Unforgettable Getaway

Although many of you visiting the city will know that Pattaya is hardly Phuket when it comes to beautiful beaches, a relaxing day at Pattaya Beach is still a fantastic experience when you are on vacation. 

Pattaya Beach is a 4 km crescent-shaped bay with beautiful fluffy sands and much clearer water than it is given credit for. There are many loungers located along the entirety of the beach, ensuring you will always have somewhere to relax.

You will never have to lift a finger as many hawkers trawl the beach selling all manner of food and drink items. 

You can definitely order BBQ prawns and sit at the beachside, devouring these tasty seafood dishes. Are you excited to go? We recommend that you continue reading first.


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

You can enjoy yourself here at the beautiful beach and go for a ride on a jet ski. You can order your food where you are on the beach or visit the popular beach road where many hotels, bars, and restaurants are waiting for you.



Beautiful Beaches in Pattaya

Along Pattaya Beach Road are hundreds of bars and restaurants, with many markets and shopping centers such as Central Festival and Mike’s Mall, and Royal Garden Plaza. All just a stone’s throw from Walking Street. Food and drink vendors line the beaches, so you will never be hungry or thirsty. 

If you’re looking for watersports, you can hire jet skis on the beach, ride banana boats or even parascend. There are a number of things to see and do in the Pattaya Beach area. Home to some of the best hotel brands in the world, such as The Marriott, The Hilton, Amari, Hard Rock Hotel, and many more, the choice is merely stunning. Party areas just off Pattaya Beach Road, such as Sois 6, 7, and 8, are great places to find many bars and beers any time of the day and night. 

Heading towards the north end of Pattaya Beach, you will find the Dolphin Roundabout, which can take you out to Sukhumvit Road on Pattaya Nua Road or towards Naklua. Naklua is another popular area home to many lovely beaches, bars, eateries, coffee shops, hotels, and much more. 

Around Pattaya Beach, some people come here on holiday for two weeks. And they never actually leave Pattaya Beach Road because what else could you possibly need for a holiday


The Bear Travel   Trivia!

Pattaya beach is 4 km long and resembles a crescent shape.



Why Visit Pattaya Beach?

  • A 4km long crescent-shaped stretch of sand
  • Lots of places to sit and relax on beach loungers
  • Water sports available
  • Lots of food and drink vendors
  • Hundreds of restaurants and bars nearby


The Bear Travel   Did You Know?

You will never get bored when you visit Pattaya Beach; as you can imagine, there are so many attractions to visit. The Beach road, Walking street, Central festival, and many malls and top-class hotels are just next to it.




Map & More Information 



Pattaya Beach is no less than heaven to visit. Its beautiful crescent-shaped sandy beach allows you a relax by sunbathing or playing on the shoreline. You can get a jet ski ride or visit the nearby hustling walking street and beach road and enjoy as much as you wish.


Pattaya Beach: Visit for An Unforgettable Getaway


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