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Top 10 Best Dining Restaurants in Phuket

As in the previous detailed blog, Thai cuisine really is one of the world’s best 🧔 and most desirable cuisine styles. And it's known for its spicy flavors and earthy roots. When you come on holiday, this dining and restaurant guide will introduce you to some of the most popular Phuket dining spots. 

This guide will help you experience not only Thai cuisine but also the vast variety of culinary options on the island. When you visit any tourist destination and want to find a quality restaurant, it's important that you choose correctly 🧔. Nothing can turn you off food more than visiting a bad restaurant. Phuket is no different from any other tourism destination in the world. And although most eateries are of great quality, and by no means you should choose an inferior one and have a bad feeling towards Thai food. 

From seafood to barbecued meats, spicy curries and Issarn specialties, Western food, and more. There is something for everyone in Phuket. Please see below some of the best Phuket restaurants when you are looking for a guaranteed night of culinary excellence 🧔


#10 - Tu Kab Khao Thai Restaurant

Tu Kab Khai is the most popular restaurant in Phuket town serving Southern Thai food. It is located on Phangnga road opposite the Shrine of Serene Light and has a giant lobster on the side of the house. This restaurant has received a Michelin Plate rating which shows it has higher standards 🧔. Set inside an old heritage house, it offers an attractive dining experience and isn't as expensive as it may look.

Tu Kab Khao is a large restaurant with exquisite decoration and has five separate sections. Apart from the decor, the menu has a selection of authentic Thai dishes, and you are in for a treat. The assortment of dishes includes Pla sai, Sen Mee Gaeng Poo, Big Prawns, Nam Prik Koong Siap, and many more mouth-watering dishes 🧔. Besides the main course, you can also delight yourself with local desserts.

If you are in Phuket, don't forget to have dinner at Tu Kab Khao and enjoy the night 🥇.


#9 - Phuket Floating Restaurants

If you want to dine in one of the unique ways, then head towards the East coast of Phuket, and you can enjoy fresh seafood in the floating restaurants 🧔. There are several floating restaurants between Phuket and neighboring Maphrao Island. It only takes a five-minute longtail boat ride from Laem Hin Pier to reach one of these restaurants.

These floating restaurants offer the freshest seafood, and you can also choose live seafood that can be cooked for you right there. So whether it is fried shrimp, stir-fried crab, or fresh oysters, you can taste the best seafood in your life 🧔. Although most of these restaurants don't sell beverages, you can certainly bring your own. 

Some of the best floating restaurants are Laem Hin seafood, Kruvit Seafood, Bang Mud floating restaurant, and Lobster pawns. Make sure you head out in the evening when it's cooler, and the boat ride to the restaurants is free. So make sure to delight your taste buds uniquely in Phuket 🥇.


#8 - La Gritta Italian Restaurant 

Enjoy fine dining at La Gritta Italian restaurant, which has a romantic outlook and is located at Amari Phuket in Patong beach. It is one of the most beautiful places to dine in Phuket 🧔, with an open dining space close to the beach, and you can enjoy a dinner with a cool sea breeze and stars in the sky. And their indoor dining area is just as spectacular.

La Gritta being an Italian restaurant, you can find an assortment of classic Italian dishes on the menu. You can also order grilled meat, hearty seafood, lamb chops, or salmon Rossini with foie gras 🧔. But, no matter what you order, their menu is impressive. And also, don't forget to try their wine selection and cocktails by one of their experienced mixologists.

 If you are in Phuket, make sure to head this way and enjoy a rich culinary experience 🏅


#7 - Other Irish Pubs in Phuket

Irish pubs are great places to enjoy quality English food and imported draught beers 🧔. So if you happen to be at Patong Beach and want to try out an Irish pub, that is either Scruffy Murphy’s or Molly Malone’s. Both are hotspots for holidaymakers looking to find affordable food they are accustomed to. Don’t miss out on these two institutions that have been open in Phuket for over 15-years 🏅


#6 - Angus O’Tools Irish Pub @ Karon beach

Are you in desperate need of your British food fix in Phuket? One of the longest-standing and most popular British restaurants is the Angus O’Tools Irish Pub, 🧔 located at Karon beach. This very friendly establishment has been open for over 10-years and has garnered a fantastic reputation for its gut-busting British fare. 

If you are looking for a jaw-dropping British breakfast to start the day or a quality main course dish, this is the place for you. With very affordable daily specials, delicious Traditional Sunday Roasts, an amazing choice of draught beers such as Guinness and Kilkenny, and more, O’Tools is the ideal establishment if you are looking for value for money British food in Phuket 🥇


#5 - Friendship Beach Resort & Restaurant

Situated between Nai Harn and Rawai in Phuket, the Friendship beach Resort & Restaurant is a true hidden gem. Most expats already know about this cool restaurant that offers some of the most mesmerizing sea-views of any eatery in Phuket 🧔

Aside from Chalong Bay, the resort has a restaurant area that comes equipped with a swimming pool and is open to guests. They serve a delicious selection of Western and Thai favorites, alongside a vast choice of beverages, all within a breathtaking location. They have live music every Sunday afternoon. 

Drop by with your family, enjoy some quality food and drink while soaking up the views and the music 🏅


#4 - Thai Food Stalls and Small Street Vendors

Some people believe that a true Thai food experience is at the small local Thai restaurants and street-side vendors 🧔. These places are generally where the locals eat their meals, So, for your first Thai food experience, it is recommended to try the Thai food stalls and small street vendors first 🏅


#3 - Kan Eng Seafood @ Chalong Pier Phuket

There are some Thai food restaurants in Phuket that are ranked higher than Kan Eng Seafood at Chalong Pier in terms of quality. But for the location, combined with excellent quality Thai and seafood cuisine, this stylish eatery takes some beating 🧔

Located directly at Chalong Pier and showcasing amazing sea-views looking out over Chalong Bay, this is one of the most laidback and beautiful places to eat Thai cuisine in Phuket. Kan Eng is a popular choice with not only holidaymakers but also with local foreign expats and local Thai people. So that should tell you all you need to know 🏅


#2 - Tamachart (Natural) Restaurant @ Phuket Town

Are you looking for somewhere authentic, interesting, and unique to dine in Phuket Town? Tamachart Restaurant in Phuket Town, also known as Natural Restaurant, is a great choice 🧔. This is a restaurant that is visited by many Thai locals who live in the area, mainly because the Thai food is so great. 

The restaurant also has a unique interior design with lots of art-deco memorabilia that makes it a joy to visit, offering something completely different from the norm. This is a restaurant you visit when you want guaranteed quality. Not only is the food absolutely delicious, but is also excellently presented to impress every time 🏅


#1 - Mom Tri’s Kitchen @ Kata Noi Phuket

Mom Tri’s is famous for being quite an upscale Thai cuisine establishment. But it really does combine the best views looking out across the Andaman at Kata Noi, with an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere 🧔 And best of all… the Thai cuisine is simply delicious. 

Although the food might be classed as high-end Thai cuisine, the quality of the restaurant in every respect is astounding. Mom Tri’s might be different from eating from a Thai food street vendor, but the cuisine style is more Royal Thai and a great introduction for first-timers 🏆


Phuket Dining Experience

If you know someone who lives in Phuket and can recommend a small-scale Thai restaurant that is quality, you must give it a try. Not only is this authentic daily Thai food, but the prices are also very affordable. The dining conditions won’t be like a Western-style restaurant, but you will receive an authentic experience. Which is what many tourists seek in this day and age. In regards to Thai food vendors, please remember that they can be very hit and miss. 

If you are searching for some affordable local Thai food, you should sample the fare at one of the food courts that frequent the island’s shopping centers. The food court at Central Festival is especially good with lots of choices. It is recommended that you check out the Massaman curry there if you want to sample true deliciousness. In terms of restaurants and dining, Phuket is a true paradise. 

There are so many restaurants serving cuisine styles from the four corners of the globe. The main areas you will find the most international restaurants in Phuket are Patong Beach, Karon, Kata Beach, Kamala, Rawai, Surin, and Bang Tao. It doesn’t matter if you want to eat food from your own country or you want to try something different. 

There is a Phuket restaurant that suits every style and budget. From Italian, British and French flavors to Vietnamese, Thai, Mongolian, and many more 🧔 If you are on holiday in Phuket and want to have a gastronomic tour around the world of flavors, not many places can match Phuket.

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