Thailand Golf: Silky Oak Country Club in Rayong147
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Thailand Golf: Silky Oak Country Club in Rayong

Located as part of the Rayong Green Valley golf complex, Silky Oak Country Club is one of the newest golf courses in Pattaya; still maturing, but a great experience nonetheless. 

Silky Oak Country Club is set over 7,135 yards from the back tees. This makes it a long course in many aspects. It is pretty open, as the surrounding trees are still growing and maturing. It also has some interesting conceptual ideas, like 18 holes with 18 greens but only 9 fairways. 

This might sound mad, but it’s not because the wide fairways make it an excellent course for higher handicappers. Before you visit and decide if it’s the best golf club to visit during your holiday, we advise you to read on so you can check it out.  


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

Hills surround this place and have a rural setting. There is a golf lodge that provides recreational facilities and is an excellent place to spend a night here. 


Pattaya Golf in Rayong

The fairways and greens have many undulations, so bringing your best short game is essential. Nearly all the holes showcase incredible views of breathtaking scenery, such as the surrounding rolling hills. It is a pleasant experience. The club is home to a clubhouse with changing rooms, practice areas, and a restaurant. 

When you seek a great value round of golf on one of Pattaya's newest courses, you must visit Silky Oak Country Club near Rayong. Also, when you think about it, it is located in one of the most concentrated golf areas in the world. On the same grounds as this course, you also have Rayong Green Valley Golf Course and St. Andrews 2000 Golf Course, both top-notch courses in their own right. 

Silky Oak Country Club in Rayong is the newest addition, so it is still maturing and growing in its surroundings. When you want to play a unique and exciting Pattaya golf course, it is somewhere you need to consider seriously.   


The Bear Travel   Trivia!

This golf course has 18 holes and 72 pars.


How to Visit the Silky Oak Country Club Golf in Rayong?

The course is located on the Rayong Green Valley Golf club grounds and is approximately a 40-minute drive southward from Pattaya City. The official location of the club is Bang Chang, which is just 10 minutes from Rayong in the stunning Thai countryside that has to be seen to be believed. 


The Bear Travel   Did You Know?

This course shares its name with the Australian Native trees planted here. This course shares this place with two other courses and is the smaller one of them.


Why Visit the Silky Oak Country Club Golf in Rayong?

  • Located in the Rayong Green Valley Club
  • One of the newest courses in Pattaya
  • 18 holes and greens with 9 fairways
  • A 35-minute drive from Pattaya
  • Undulating greens and fairways




Map & More Information 



Silky Oak Country Club in Rayong is one of the most scenic golf courses as it has dramatic elevations. Setup in a rural setting that provides a great panoramic view of the surrounding hills, you can spend your golf holidays here and a night or two in the golf lodge.


Thailand Golf: Silky Oak Country Club in Rayong



Silky Oak Country Club Fees

Business Hours

06.00 – 18.00 hrs  |  Monday – Sunday

Business Address

9/36 Moo7 Samnakthon Ban Chang, Rayong 21130

Contact Number

+66 (0) 38 030 660

Email Address

Official Website

Facebook Page

Silky Oak Golf Course  |  Rayong Green Valley Golf


Silky Oak Country Club


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