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Top 10 Best Golf Courses in Pattaya

If you are considering booking a Pattaya golf holiday, the city is simply one of the best golf holiday destinations in SE-Asia 🧔 Golf is rapidly becoming the fastest-growing participation sport in this part of the world. 

Asian golf has some stunning golf holiday destinations. The most famous across the continent being Mission Hills in Shenzhen, China. This club has 12 courses in a single complex designed by the world’s most famous golfing legends and designers. 

In my humble opinion, Thailand is South-East-Asia’s premier golf holiday destination. However, one location is a lofted sand wedge above the rest.  Startlingly, there are around 25 golf courses within 40km of downtown Pattaya. For some reason, this high concentration of courses has never been successfully marketed as so. For all intents and purposes, Pattaya should be the number one golfing location in South-East Asia 🧔. There is so much choice in regard to pricing, quality, and diversity. From meticulously pruned championship courses to local municipal-style courses, Pattaya golf has them all and everything in between. 

As an avid golfer, you can play the majority of courses in the region, so here is a rundown on the 🏆 top 10 golf courses for you in Pattaya. 


Championship-Style and Value for Money

Pattaya has many golf courses with different levels of difficulty and pricing options. For example, championship-style courses are mainly quite difficult for those who consider themselves amateurs. But there is nothing better than challenging yourself and playing a course fit for professionals 🧔. Pattaya has a nice collection of what is defined as ‘Championship Courses’. The Siam Country Club, situated just a 15-minute drive from downtown Pattaya has two Championship courses – The Plantation and The Old Course are some of the examples. 

As a world-class golfing destination, Pattaya golf is on a level of its own when it comes to value for money. You should not keep your golfing options limited because of the high-pricing structure. Because when you visit Pattaya, you will be amazed by the immense value-for-money on offer. With so many courses fighting to make a living in the region, the bargains are simply endless 🧔. Whereas the average price for a round in Phuket is nearing the 3,000 baht mark, you can enjoy a round of golf in Pattaya for as little as 500 baht. However, the average is probably near 1,500 baht.


#10 - Greenwood Golf Club

One of the favorite value-for-money Pattaya golf courses has to be Greenwood Golf Club. The course is roughly 30km north of Pattaya, heading towards Chonburi City 🧔 The green fees are as little as 800 baht per round for a round of afternoon golf on a weekday. Not only is it affordable, but the quality of this 27-hole course is excellent. 

This golf club was designed by Peter Thompson and Michael Wolverine as a British-styled course 🧔 It has three courses called A, B, and C. Course A has more minor water hazard features, but course B has more, and it features pot bunkers and clover-leaf sand traps around the greens. Course C has similar features as course B. To avoid pot bunkers, shot planning is essential.

From what it is seen, during the weekdays, it is tranquil. So you can have a round of uninterrupted golf 🧔 This woodland course is tree-lined and meticulously maintained with carpeted fairways glass-like greens. 

After playing golf, the clubhouse provides relaxing services and overlooks A and B courses. The clubhouse also has a restaurant, locker room, and a pro shop. It is strongly recommended 🏅 that you try the Greenwood Golf Course when in Pattaya. 


9# - Bangphra Golf Club

Bangphra Golf Club is one of the oldest in Thailand 🧔 and was designed by Japan Golf Promotions in 1958. Later on, in 1988, it was upgraded by a joint venture of Japan Golf Professional and Thai Tourism Authority and was the first golf facility to promote golf tourism in Thailand.

The Bangphra Golf Club is a mature course with tall trees located north of Pattaya towards Chonburi. It is a 40-minute drive away from Pattaya city. The 18 hole course is spread across 7393 yards, the par 3-second hole across the water, and the long par 4 third hole are the most famous holes on the course 🧔 The front nine has a mix of well-placed bunkers and water hazards that can be challenging for most accomplished players.

You can enjoy playing golf here in this well-established golf club, not only the greens but the lavish clubhouse as well. The locker rooms have Japanese-styled bathrooms, and the clubhouse restaurant offers Japanese cuisine to make your dining experience more memorable 🧔

If you want to enjoy your golf holidays in Pattaya, make sure to spend them in Bangphra Golf Club 🏅


#8 - Khao Kheow Golf Club

Another course to check out is Khao Kheow Golf Club, located within a stone's throw of Sriracha, just a 45-minute drive north of Pattaya. Khao Kheow Golf & Country Club in Pattaya is one of the region's most popular courses 🧔 The reason for this popularity lies in the affordable green fees.

This 27 hole course is longer, and the elevation changes with every hole. The course offers many challenges as numerous large ponds, bunkers, and mounds surrounding the fairways require a precision shot. But it doesn't mean you have to be a pro to play here because this course is for everyone 🧔

This golf club has three 9 hole courses which are A, B, and C. The A has a rural setting on par 4 and a vast water lake with a narrow fairway 🧔 The B has the best green island on par 3, and playing here is a challenge and fun together.

The old clubhouse is still functional and overlooks course B. The restaurant serves spring rolls, minced pork with basil, fried rice, and a wide selection of noodle soups. As you can see, Pattaya golf should rightfully hold the number one position 🥇 for golf across South-East- Asia.


#7 - Phoenix Golf Club

One of the best Pattaya golf courses in the region is Phoenix Golf Club, just a 5-minute drive from the scenic Bangsaray 🧔, which is just a 20-minute drive south of Pattaya on your way to Sattahip. This tree-lined forest course is one of the best kept in Pattaya and guarantees an enjoyable round of golf. 

The fairways of Phoenix Golf Club are carefully maintained, and the greens can be very fast. Although it might be a challenging course, the fairways are wide and easygoing. So that golfers of every ability can play here 🧔

This 27-hole golf course comprises three nines - Ocean, Lake, and Mountain, which offers magnificent views of the surrounding mountains and the Gulf of Thailand 🧔 It has Large mango, eucalyptus trees, and flowering shrubs that add color and give a natural feel to the layout.

This golf club has a large clubhouse with adequate locker room facilities. The clubhouse restaurant serves Thai and European food, which is excellent and well priced. Phoenix Golf Club is a course that merges value for money, quality, and top-notch conditions to create an unparalleled round of golf in Pattaya 🥇


#6 - Silky Oak Country Club Golf

The Silky Oak Golf Club is located on the grounds of the Rayong Green Valley Golf club and is approximately a 40-minute drive southward from Pattaya City 🧔. The location of the club is Bang Chang, which is 10-minutes from Rayong. This course shares its name with the Australian Native Oak planted here.

It is one of the newest golf courses in Pattaya and is surrounded by hills and rural settings. It is set over 7,041 yards from the back tees 🧔; there are 18 holes with 18 greens, but only nine fairways. It is the shortest course here, and the wide fairways make it easy to take a shot. 

As easy as it may look and sound, certain places can be challenging. The wide fairways have a height difference, and well-placed shots are required there. At some holes, you come across panoramic views 🧔 of the surroundings making the game more pleasurable.

The clubhouse facilities of this golf course are daily adequate and more than enough. But if you are in search of a good value round of golf, head to the Silky Oak country club 🏅


#5 - St. Andrews 2000

Another Notable Pattaya Golf option aside from the championship and the best value courses in and around Pattaya, there are other courses which in their way are unique that every golfer will enjoy 🧔

St. Andrews 2000 is a link-styled course with a tropical spin, as the name would suggest. Situated 40 minutes outside Pattaya near Rayong, this unique course has some undulating fairways 🧔 famous across Scotland on their links courses. 

This 74 par course is spread across 7700 yards and is a challenging course to play from every tee. It features elevated tees and greens, tight landing zones, split elevation fairways, and huge putting surfaces 🧔 However, it doesn't mean amateur golfers or total beginners cannot play here as it is open for anyone to play a round of golf and enjoy the surroundings.

The clubhouse and onsite resort offer quality services and options to stay in for a short or long. The clubhouse overlooks the course and offers a nice place to sit around with your friends or family for drinks or dinner 🧔

Although the golf playing packages are on the high side, the beauty of the golf course is worth exploring 🏅


#3 - Laem Chabang International Country Club

One of the most favorite Championship courses in and around Pattaya is the Laem Chabang International Country Club 🧔 Its breathtaking scenery is something else. And the fact that it was designed by golf messiah, Jack Nicklaus, makes it even more desirable for golfers.

Situated a 25-minute drive outside Pattaya at the neighboring Laem Chabang, this is a must-play course when visiting the region. It’s like going to Egypt and forgetting to view the Giza Plateau, completely sacrilegious 🧔

This lush and exotic course comprises three sets of 9 holes - dully name the Mountain 9, Lake 9, and the Valley 9. Each set is roughly 3,500 yards in length and a test for any golfer. Although it is much more forgiving than the Siam Country Club Plantation Course 🏅


#2 - Siam Country Club Plantation Course

The Plantation Course in Siam Country Club is a 27-hole course built in 2008 and designed by the Arizona-based renowned designers, Schmidt & Curley Design Inc. Taking its name from the surrounding Sugar Cane, Tapioca, and Pineapple plantations, 🧔 which are also the individual names of each 9 holes. 

Although this course might not be as mature as the Old Course, it is still challenging to play here. This course was host to the 2009 US LPGA and 2015 Thailand open championship. The rolling terrain of this course offers Long carries, blind shots, elevated greens, undulating fairways and greens, giant high-lipped bunkers, and shaved fringes on every hole 🧔.

The Plantation course offers stunning panoramic views of Pattaya beach due to its elevated terrain and surrounded by pineapple plantations makes it more dreamy. along with that the mature trees and amazing landscape 🧔 make it even more beautiful.

This golf course has an onsite clubhouse with a restaurant and a lounge area overlooking the course. You can also visit the pro shop or take around at the practice area. in all be amazed when you come here to play golf on your holidays and the pleasure is guaranteed 🏅


#1 - Siam Country Club Old Course

The Siam Country Club Old Course was first built in 1972 but enjoyed some renovation work in 2006. During 2007.  The course hosted the Honda LPGA Thailand  🧔, which shows you the high standards. And in 2018 it was voted as the world's 73rd best golf course by the USA golf digest magazine.

The Old Course is more of a traditional course, much flatter than The Plantation and much more user-friendly. Don’t let this become false dawn. The 18 holes are also quite challenging – as you would expect from a Championship course 🧔. The upgraded curved fairways, new water hazards, and high-lipped bunkers can prove challenging to an amateur golfer but are worth trying. With an abundance of plants, it almost looks like an orchid during the season which makes it a relaxing place to play a round of golf.

The other facilities on this golf course include a locker room to get changed, a pro shop to buy everything you need for golfing, and a restaurant that serves delicious meals. If you are tired of playing golf, the outdoor pool is waiting for you to get refreshed 🧔 This golf course also offers rentals such as golf clubs, caddies, and carts.

Being one of the best golf courses in the world, make sure you don't miss it when you are in Pattaya 🏆


Arranging a Golf Course Tour

It is recommended that you find the individual websites of the golf courses and organize your own rounds and green fees as opposed to using one of Pattaya’s many golf tour companies 🧔 The golf tour companies obviously charge you more than the courses because they have to make a living, so doing it yourself can be the best way. 

Hire yourself a car for around 1,300 baht per day and away you go. Another interesting way to play the courses for even cheaper prices 🧔 is to visit the website for the Pattaya Sports Club and become a member for 900 baht per year. 

This will give you even better discounts, which could come in handy if you want to play the championship courses and you will get your money back on the first round you play 🧔 All you will need are passport-style photographs and you will receive your P.S.C membership card on the same day. Whatever your level of desire, you will find something that suits you in Pattaya. 

Pattaya golf not only offers some of the best value for money options but also some high-end courses 🧔, which are of course complemented by Pattaya’s world-class holiday atmosphere and amenities. 

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