Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue: A Dreamy Japanese Restaurant in Bangkok249
BY Waranya (Hungry Bear)

Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue: A Dreamy Japanese Restaurant in Bangkok

Do you feel enthusiastic about fine dining? Then, let's try a completely different taste this time. How about trying a Japanese dish? It will surely give you a new flavor to try 😍 

Thailand is home to many exciting Japanese Restaurants, especially the ones in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) 🤗 such as the Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue. It is an outstanding buffet restaurant with an army of Japanese dishes for us to eat together 🤤 Anyone Japanese food lover can tell you that you shouldn't miss it. 

Let me share my experience with this restaurant and how I tasted delicious Japanese food!! 🤩



A Dreamy Japanese Restaurant

Tsunami Sushi Buffet recently only had branches in Pattaya, Rayong, Chachoengsao, Sriracha, Mueang Chon Buri, and Hua Hin provinces. In contrast, the LaSalle Avenue branch opened in March 2021 🤩

Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor, inside the zone. There is only one price, 799 baht 😊 This price contains refillable water and can be enjoyed for 2 hours. In the first round, the staff will take the order 😉 And in the next round, you can scan the QR code to order it. Soon after you've ordered, the food is then served shortly 💕

It is pretty far from the main road. But you can enter both Bangna-Trad and notice the big KFC sign on the Sukhumvit side 🤗 It has a lot of parking spaces & I suggest going on weekdays in the evening. The only downside is that this restaurant has some dishes that taste a bit too salty 😉 (or maybe that's why it's called Tsunami because of this) 😅



An Unlimited Japanese Cuisine Taste

Speaking of Tsunami Sushi Buffets, all Japanese foodies around Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) should know the name 😉 The story of the tastiness of Tsunami Sushi Buffet began with the idea of wanting Thai people to have a delicious Japanese restaurant. Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

The highlight of this place is the raw materials ❤️ The restaurant chooses only fresh ingredients at an affordable price. Some of these are maguro, salmon, hotate, unagi, wagyu beef, foie gras, hirame, shrimp fat, crab fat, mentaiko, etc. They offer enormous cuisines together with cooking techniques from experts in Thailand and Japan to suit the taste of their customers 😍

Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

You can select your favorite dish from more than 239 menus, including sushi, sashimi, Japanese food, desserts, and drinks 🤤 The price is 799 baht, and you can sit and eat for 2 hours 🎎 And of course, you can experience a variation rather than all the ordinary menus that you have checked before 😊 You will always find new touches all the time and have great times with your loved ones here.



The Unique Japanese Taste

One dish among my favorites is the California Maki, a rice ball with a fill inside and then made into a roll covered with shrimp roe 😍 The filling is delightful, and the shrimp eggs are crunchy and delicious.

Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

An excellent match for it is Kerifonia Maki 🤤, a New Zealand mussel salad with a sweet and bitter spicy salad perfectly blended with lemongrass to improve the aroma and stave off the greasy garnish with mint. It tastes amazing!! 🤩

Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

Tsunami Roll 🤤 is another delightful dish. Smooth taste poured with fried breadcrumbs, topped with sauce, coated with shrimp eggs, crunchy, delicious, and satisfying!!

Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

You can try some Fried Squid with Garlic 🤭 It's pretty salty. The squid is soft, chewy, and juicy. The saltiness of the salt strengthens the aroma of the fried squid very well 😎

Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

Don't you like to eat raw fish? 🤔 Here is my solution! Grilled salmon with soy sauce. It's for those who don't like eating raw fish. The sweet salmon flavor with more barbecue soy sauce will make it smell delicious 😉 Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

You can also have snacks like Salted Egg Fried Silverfish. It's crispy and melts in your mouth, so it's very nice to eat. The meat is so thick and very soft, which is worth it 💕 Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

Have you ever eaten orange fish? 😅 If not, then you can try it here. It's perfectly smooth, while the kagiki tastes juicy and sour. The composition is thick and a little fishy, ​​similar to tuna 🥰

Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

Next, on the salt-grilled date, the grilled oysters came well-cooked. Salt and pepper enhance the clam flavor to make it more sweet and fragrant 🤤

Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

It's time to go greasy with crispy and fragrant tempura 😊 Eel Tempura is a slender rod with thin, crispy batter paired with soft eel meat. Tempura 🍤 prawns, bite-sized prawns, medium aromatic batter, the dried fish broth dipping sauce is delicate, but I still like the traditional version 😍 Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Bangkok

So don't forget to visit this restaurant while in Thailand and enjoy some fantastic Japanese dishes to light up your taste buds ❤️




The Bear Travel Rating 

Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue: A Dreamy Japanese Restaurant in Bangkok

The Bear Travel Rating 3


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The Bear Travel Rating 4


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The Bear Travel Rating 4


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The Bear Travel Rating 4




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Tsunami Sushi Buffet Lasalle's Avenue in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) is a modern & very stylish restaurant that tests Japanese restaurants with outstanding quality and service for the price. Sushi and sashimi are cut to order, and grilled dishes, salads, and Japanese & Thai fusion dishes are all delicious. Their mobile ordering system makes selecting your dishes easy and fast using a QR code.


Business Hours

11:00 AM - 09:00 PM | Monday - Sunday

Business Address

549 Lasalle-Baring Road, Bangna Tai Sub-district, Bangna District, Bangkok, Thailand 10260

Contact Number

+66 63 207 0022



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13.6569012, 100.6223172



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