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Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Thailand

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Thailand is big on New Year’s, really big! For instance, Thais love New Year so much that they actually have three of them! There is New Year on January 1st, Chinese New Year on January 25, and the Songkran (Thai New Year) on April 13-15 ❤️

But of all the Thai national holidays, the calendar New Year is the most Western-style celebration in Thailand. All the bars are full, gala events are everywhere, and families gather together across the nation to feast and celebrate. The Thais, like everybody, revel in the chance for a new beginning and count on better luck in the coming year. 

The fireworks I experienced on New Year's Eve In Thailand were unimaginable and I can't keep myself from sharing it all with you ❤️


The Bear Travel  Did You Know?

Thailand is the only country that has never been colonized and remained independent throughout its history.


What to Expect in Bangkok on New Year’s Eve 2020

New Year's Eve was one of my memorable ❤️ events because Bangkok had put on one of the premier fireworks showcases in the world for 2020. The fireworks were absolutely huge! The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) went all out to make Bangkok, and Thailand, an irresistible New Year’s Eve destination. TAT, in partnership with Icon Siam, True, and Kasikorn Bank spent somewhere around 500 million Baht (16+ Million USD). 

Accordingly, the Fireworks were set off over a vast 1400-meter span from Chaloem park to the Asiatique Waterfront. Everywhere along this route was a prime fireworks viewing and was not required to be at one of the rooftop spots. Similarly, the dinner cruise boats in the river were great too. The theme of the year was “The Seven Wonders of Blessings” so the fireworks were broken up into 7 different displays over about 40 minutes. 


Bangkok Fireworks Program 2020

The Seven Wonders of Blessings theme was a celebration of Thailand and the blessings the nation has for its people and it was absolutely spectacular. I totally loved it ❤️

Likewise, the blessings portrayed in this show were from their King Maha Vajiralongkorn as gifts to the people. The seven subheadings for the theme were history, prosperity, the nation, religion, the economy, agriculture, and the monarchy. Thus, there were seven different fireworks displays meant to go along with each of these topics. 


7 Fireworks Display Themes in Bangkok for New Year’s Eve 2020

The Glory

In the beginning, it was a tribute to the glorious victories throughout Thailand’s history over would-be conquerors. Thailand is fiercely proud that it has never been put under another nation’s rule and was never colonized. This part of the program featured golden fireworks showers that went off up high and rain down to the water. Incidentally, this represented golden land blessed by the reign of Thai kings, and the golden glories they gave the nation. 


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

Thailand is a top tourist destination in the world receiving millions of tourists each year, to make their experience more spectacular Thai government has spent millions on new years fireworks.



The fireworks went off next were skyrockets that streak skywards and burst into blossoms like big trees. Reds and greens, together with gold streaks created the illusion. The “trees” also represented wishes to the king for long life and conveyed his kindness towards the people. Sustainability in this context was not the environmental kind, it was the sustainment of the royalty that is the message ❤️ 



This phase had big bursts of brilliant white and silver bombs going off that lit up the whole sky. This is meant to convey the path to enlightenment, represented by the brilliantly lit sky. The idea was to point to the morality of religion and thus lead to a peaceful life in the light. Also, the reference was to the eighth step and final step in the Buddhist path to eternal peace called enlightenment. 


Joy to The World

“…and peace on Earth”, the line from a western Christmas carol, completed the meaning of this theme element. The fireworks next were really cool and different that amazed me ❤️ There were hundreds of streaks of many colors going up to the sky from everywhere! Big thick lines and thinner ones spread throughout the sky in huge arcs and sharp angles. In particular, all the colors were used to represent joy and contentment with the peaceful life in Thailand. 


The Bear Travel  Trivia!

Thailand celebrates not one but three New years. That is the new year on January 1st, the Chinese new year on January 25th, and the Songkran on April 13-15.


Diamonds in The Sky

This part of the program was created with the latest in fireworks technology. The idea was to light up the heavens with sparkling diamonds all over the sky ❤️ There were big bangs followed by twinkling white crackles that made it seem like diamonds all around. This was to show the “Suvarnabhumi” or “Land of Abundance” (you always wondered what the airport name meant?). The image of diamonds was referring to the wealth and abundance of the natural resources of Thailand. By the way, the smaller flashes of white light were there to resemble seeds that will grow soon. Just like the nation has the potential to do from its resources. 


Lucky Stars

Large and small multi-colored fireworks lit up the sky that welcomed the New Year in Thailand. The message was a special blessing of happiness and well-being to Thai people. The sky-bursts looked like lucky stars that were meant for everybody. This was to demonstrate the king’s wishes of good fortune and harmony to the entire nation. The king also wants everybody to benefit from the blessing of living in Thailand and being Thai. In brief, it was a way of saying “Thank your lucky stars” all over Bangkok for 7 minutes ❤️


The Power of Love

Big bright booming explosions turned the sky red during the final part of the program. Red is the color of love and throwing it everywhere in big bursts conveyed the triumph of love. The idea was the king’s love of the people and the power of good over evil as represented by love. Together with this, the red bombs created an aura of divinity that protects the country from forces that mean harm. 


Viewing the New Year’s Fireworks in Bangkok 2020

The fireworks were easy to see from everywhere in the city because they go off so high. But there were a few spots better than others to get to. The best ones were the rooftop bars. The other obvious places were along the river in the public parks, at Asiatique, Icon Siam, or any hotel. Lastly, I was lucky with booking, being in the river on a dinner boat was a great experience ❤️ 

And just like in the west, fireworks are a major part of the festivities. Subsequently, Bangkok has become the center stage for Thailand’s New Year’s celebration. What draws everybody is all the party spots and clubs

It is lucky for everybody that Thailand is putting so much into this to make a fantastic memory for all ❤️ 

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