Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre: A Fascinating Visit in Bangkok446
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Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre: A Fascinating Visit in Bangkok

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) is one of the leading platforms for all demonstration businesses in Thailand and abroad. It stands out as the major convention center in Krung Thep Maha Nakhon (Bangkok) and has been specially designed for exhibition and event purposes. 

The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center is an iconic landmark of Thailand and was opened in 1991 to host the 46th annual meeting of the I.M.F. and World Bank B.O.G. meeting. In 2019, it was closed for head-to-toe remodeling, making it a modern, integrated facility to host conventions and events.

View Cityscape Night from Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

It was reopened in September 2022 with more venue space. The QSNCC is easily accessible from all parts of the capital due to a direct subway connection with the QSNCC station.

If you would love to visit the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, join us to learn more and everything about it!


The Bear Travel  Fun Fact!

The new convention center is at least three times larger than the original structure, aiming at accommodating more than 100K visitors at a time.



Discovering Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

Bangkok City Cityscape Downtown Business District Urban Area Reflection Landscape Bangkok Thailand

QSNCC is an iconic landmark platform in the center of Bangkok City, one of the most desired destinations for conferences, exhibitions, and occasions. In addition, it is a unique and integrated facility located in the business district. Everything you hope for is minutes away. Going further is also more straightforward with the subway station connected to the platform. This world-class planned facility gives more than 280,000 sq.m. functional area with 78,000 sq.m. event space.

The QSNCC comprises four main constituents: Zone A, B, C, and D. While Zone A is a two-story building of 5,050 sq. meters, Zone B is a three-story building of 22,497 sq. meters. On the other hand, Zone C is a four-story facility with 22,052 sq meters of exhibition area. Zone D includes three stories with 14,067 sq. meters of space. 

QSNCC has served as a significant hosting venue for several prestigious events. This excellent platform has been built precisely to maintain the country's identity through architectural and decorative designs.


The Bear Travel  Trivia

  • Total Exhibition Space: 45,085 sq meters
  • Meeting Rooms: 50
  • Driving Time to the Nearest Airport: 28 minutes
  • International Airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport



Importance of Queen Sirikit National Convention Center

Bangkok City Cityscape Panorama Downtown Business District Urban Area Reflection Panoramic Landscape Bangkok Thailand

The Royal Thai Government initially built the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center to host a World Bank/I.M.F. Annual Conference in 1991. Named after Her Majesty Queen Sirikit in respect of Her 60th birthday, the center has provoked an expansion in meetings, conventions, and expos being held in Thailand.

The center indicates Thai culture in its architecture and design. You can discover some beautiful work by the Thai artist Chalood Nimsamer at the entrance. More than 1,500 pieces of Thai art are inside the Center. The internal bending outward walls are traditional Thai architectural forms. The building is pretty distinctive when sighted from its exterior.

The calendar for the QSNCC is fine perennial packed with events, primarily expos of numerous kinds targeted at both businesses and consumers. One formal event guests celebrate is the Travel Expo, which showcases many Thai and Asian travel agents contributing big deals and discounts on flights, hotels, and holiday packages.

Similarly, expos are held every year, such as the Pet Expo, Book Fairs, and many more. It's best to check out the QSNCC's website calendar for the event dates you'll be here and might find something interesting, too.



Exploring the New QSNCC Vibes

Cityscape Benchakitti Park Green Lung Bangkok Thailand

The new Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) reopened on 12 September 2022 after a substantial renovation. With a 500 million USD investment, the Center aims to be the Ultimate World Class Event Platform that inspires everyone. It now has three times larger space and a daily capacity of over 100,000 visitors. The refurbishment reaffirms QSNCC's position as Thailand's largest convention center in Bangkok's Central Business District.

Despite the COVID-19 challenges globally, the administrations regulated to develop the long-term investment plan and finished off the QSNCC renovation successfully. After the reopening, it changed the QSNCC into a prominent world-class convention center in Asia. 

After remodeling, QSNCC has a floor space of 78,500 sq m. The new layout emphasizes a traditional Thai structure yet shows off a full range of equipment and facilities, encompassing a concurrent interpretation system, wireless internet, 1,000 permanent direct-dial international telephone lines, in-house food courts, restaurants, and other conveniences.

In addition, besides its strategic location, the QSNCC is prepared with a security system, such as explosive detection and life safety, as well as touchless admission and future planned high-end 6G technology. The new QSNCC will have more flexibility to serve all world-class events, whether on-ground, virtual, or hybrid.


  • Facilities
    • QSNCC has highly functional facilities that can comfortably accommodate up to 6,000 people theater-style in the Plenary Hall, which can be allocated into three sound-proofed sections of roughly 1,500 sqm. each.
    • The ballroom and reception areas are suitable for a stunning, excellent opening ceremony, gala reception, and banquet.
    • At the same time, the gross exhibition area is over 20,000 sqm.


  • Access
    • You can easily access QSNCC via various modes of transportation, including the B.T.S. Skytrain, M.R.T. Subway, taxi, bus, and car. Additionally, it's only a 45-minute drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport.
    • QSNCC's M.R.T. Subway station offers mass transit connectivity to the airport rail link, hotels, world-class shopping centers, and many city attractions. 


  • Technical Convention & Exhibition Equipment
    • The Simultaneous Interpretation System at QSNCC can handle up to six languages for 4,000 representatives in the Plenary Hall or as expected.
    • It has 1,000 lasting direct-dial international telephone lines and 1,000 lines for more significant events. It also has seven devoted exhibition and convention organizer offices with an adjacent press room.
    • QSNCC is a full-fledged Professional Exhibition Organizer dealing with domestic and international events. In addition, it furnishes entire exhibition and display services such as booth construction, electrics, carpeting, and more.
    • In-house audio-visual and automated sound/lighting system support is available here. And finally, you will gain loading docks and a secure outdoor storage combination.


  • Other Facilities & Services
    • Parking space capacity on-site for 3,000 visitors, with overflow capability for an additional 1,500 vehicles in the adjacent Thailand Tobacco Monopoly site.
    • Wi-Fi internet is accessible in all areas of the center.
    • Coffee shops, restaurants, and food outlets.
    • In-house & outside catering and exemplary dining services.


The Bear Travel  Did you know?

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, also known as Queen Sirikit Convention Center, is regarded as a public asset, according to the Thai Ministry of Finance's Treasury Department. However, the QSNCC was built to host events, especially conferences and exhibitions, and has hosted numerous international events.



Dining and Beverage Choices at QSNCC

Bangkok City View Point from Rooftop Bar Overlooking Magnificent Cityscape

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center has several food & beverage outlets and services for the help of its visitors and event partners. These include Retro Live Cafe, F&B Food Plaza, Easy Bake Bakery, and banquet services on the invitation for events carried at the Center.


  • Retro Live Cafe
    • This cozy lakeside restaurant gives a broad choice of superior cuisine, including Thai, Chinese, and Western food, either a la carte or as a famous lunchtime buffet.
    • At night, visitors can enjoy live music with their dinners. Also, at the same time, famous bands and singers attend for your satisfaction on the first or last Friday of each month.


  • F&B Food Plaza
    • The spacious F&B Food Plaza is located next to the exit to the M.R.T. subway station, Zone D entrance, serving a vast preference of Thai, Chinese, and International cuisine at many food stations.
    • Here, guests can enjoy quick meals of outstanding quality.


  • Easybake
    • Easy Bake is located within F&B Food Plaza and serves freshly baked cookies, flavorful pastries, and coffee.
    • The bakery moreover furnishes a coffee break set at exceptional prices with delivery from its experienced staff.


  • Banquet Services
    • Banquet services are available for events of all sizes and attitudes, from formal and beautiful events to gala dinners and cocktails to infer parties.



Why Visit Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) in Bangkok?

Cityscape Modern Business Buildings Bangkok Taken Benjakitti Park Morning Bangkok Thailand

  • Majestic Architecture
    • The center showcases charming illustrations of Thai art and culture at the intersection of innovative architecture, sustainable design, and integrated functionality.
    • Dominating Benjakitti Park, the technique also uses daylight as a critical element where visitors can realize close to nature with the view of the lake and park next to the venue.


  • Easy Access, Excellent Support
    • Queen Sirikit National Convention Center is beside Benjakitti Park, surrounded by 4-5-star hotels. It is accessible by road or mass transit and is just 30 30-minute drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport.
    • QSNCC's M.R.T. Subway station provides mass transit connections to the Airport Rail Link as well as to the hotels, shopping centers, and many city interests.
    • In addition to its convention and exhibition services, the center helps visitors with many supporting facilities. It encompasses banks, a post office, A.T.M., a food court, food & drink outlets, a comfort store, a bookstore, a pharmacy, and beauty shops.


  • Excellence in Management
    • The N.C.C. Management & Development Co. Ltd. has governed Queen Sirikit National Convention Center since 1991. Whose experienced crew delivers a broad range of venue management services for conferences, exhibitions, and corporate events. 
    • N.C.C. can deliver clients fully integrated, customer-friendly, one-stop services for food & beverage, booth design and construction, and professional conference and exhibition organizing services.



How to Visit Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) in Bangkok?

Bts Skytrain Electric Train Running Way with Business Office Buildings Background

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center is located on New Rachadapisek Road in Central Bangkok and comfortably accessible by B.T.S. Skytrain, M.R.T. Subway, taxi, bus, and car. Suvarnabhumi International Airport is conveniently located just a 45-minute drive from QSNCC. It can also be reached via Airport Rail Link through mass transit connections from QSNCC's M.R.T. Subway station.

  • M.R.T.
    • M.R.T Queen Sirikit National Convention Center station is in front of the Center. It can be reached by following exit no. 3.
  • B.T.S.
    • To reach QSNCC, you can take the B.T.S Skytrain to Asok Interchange Station, where you will transfer to the subway and head to M.R.T Queen Sirikit National Convention Center station. Upon arrival, simply follow Exit No. 3 to access the Convention Center.
  • Bus
    • Take Bus No. 136 and 185 to reach the Center.


  • Car
    • Queen Sirikit National Convention Center has its parking area and a surge parking lot with an additional capacity of 1,300 vehicles in the adjoining Thailand Tobacco Monopoly. 


Alternatively, park-and-ride parking lots are at 12 major M.R.T. and B.T.S. stations. At the same time, parking buildings are usable only on weekends at Chamchuri Square and Jasmine City Building. From these locations, you can detect the M.R.T. Subway or B.T.S. Skytrain.

The fastest way to get from Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre to Bangkok is by taxi, which costs $2.95- $3.70 and takes 8 min.




Map & More Information


Queen Sirikit National Convention Center is the new and world-class standard that will be the biggest and the most cutting-edge center, located in the heart of the Bangkok CBD and set to change the landscape of the Rama IV district. It is set to reopen this year after extensive remodeling.


Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre A Fascinating Visit in Bangkok


Business Address

60 Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Ratchadaphisek Road, Khlong Toei Sub-district, Khlong Toei District, Bangkok

Business Hours

07:00 - 21:00  |  Monday to Sunday

Phone Number

+66 (0) 22-293-000

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Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre

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