The Blooms Orchid Park: A Floral Wonderland in Ratchaburi466
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The Blooms Orchid Park: A Floral Wonderland in Ratchaburi

Discover the enchanting orchid park in Ratchaburi, a captivating haven for flower enthusiasts. This scenic garden is perfect for a leisurely stroll with your loved ones, offering fantastic photo opportunities amidst vibrant blooms.

Situated in Bang Phae District, Ratchaburi Province, The Blooms Orchid Park spans over 100 rai and immerses you in the wonders of nature. With lush trees, babbling streams, and the gentle fragrance of orchids, it's an idyllic retreat for visitors of all ages.

Orchid Beautiful Garden Thailand

Don't miss the chance to explore this natural wonder during your Ratchaburi tour, where the beauty of orchids will mesmerize your senses.


The Bear Travel Fun Fact!

The Blooms Orchid Park is ideal for couples, friends, and family because it has numerous types of orchids; the best is they let you take pictures. So, the price is not that costly because there are no time limits and you can take as many pictures as you want.



The Blooms Orchid Park's Colorful Spectacle 

Orchids Wooden Path with Wooden Walkway Background

The Blooms Orchid Park is a must-visit attraction in Ratchaburi, thoughtfully curated within a vast forest garden spanning approximately 100 rai. The park offers a shaded oasis, blending forested landscapes with captivating orchid displays.

As you explore, you'll encounter rare plant species like Kangaroo, Phayung, Saraphi, Mahad, and Takraw, with orchids naturally adorning the towering trees. Throughout the year, hybrid orchids such as Dendrobium Aranda, Mokara Aranthera, and Vanda Oncidium bloom, creating a visually stunning spectacle. The park also features a decorative garden zone showcasing exquisite orchid varieties and numerous picturesque photo spots.

In addition to the parking area, you can tour the demonstration field plot, where you'll find antique farming tools like carts, plows, and traditional rice milling machines. There's even an opportunity to observe and interact with sheep in the charming meadows. This hidden gem is a delightful surprise for explorers. Despite its initial appearance as a small venue with a souvenir shop and cafe, there's much more to uncover.

For a modest admission fee, you can embark on a nature walk trail surrounded by thousands of plants, akin to strolling through a lush triple-canopy jungle. This picturesque one-kilometer loop guides you back to the cafe, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and perhaps indulge in some ice cream. What makes The Blooms Orchid Garden exceptional is its diverse collection of orchids that bloom year-round, earning it the moniker "the land of perennially blooming flowers."

No matter when you choose to visit, you're guaranteed a captivating floral spectacle that won't disappoint.


The Bear Travel Trivia

The Blooms Orchid Park is located in a welcoming area of Bang Phae that travelers like for its shopping. 



Discovering the Beauty of The Blooms Orchid Park

Young Woman Walking Orchid Garden

While bearing the name "Orchid Garden," this park is a delightful blend of flowers and ornamental plants designed to resemble a natural setting.

The orchid section of the park provides an almost exhibition-like experience. It features a diverse array of orchids, thoughtfully arranged in clusters, showcasing various colors and styles. Orchids grow on rocks, logs, near waterfalls, perched on large trees, or even in bouquets, with leaves and roots bundled together like a floral arrangement. Adjacent to the orchid garden is the Orchid Park, designed as a charming garden area.

Under a thatched roof where dappled sunlight filters through, an elegant archway adorned with ivy marks the entrance. Inside, rows of orchids are meticulously planted, each featuring orchids of the same color. This area also includes small potted cacti and cactus plants. Near the garden, there's a coffee shop with glass walls, allowing visitors to enjoy a cup of coffee while immersed in the serene natural ambiance outside.

The park boasts an artificial waterfall, adding extra sophistication to the surroundings. This tranquil feature cascades gently from carefully arranged rock steps and is surrounded by lush vegetation, including vibrant orchids. The changing seasons ensure that each visit offers a unique park experience, with various orchid varieties blooming at different times. This park also caters to many visitors, including families, parents, children, and young people, each finding something to suit their interests.

The site includes an activity yard and a playground, making it an ideal destination for relaxation and visual indulgence. A leisurely walk through the garden, enjoying the sight of beautiful orchids while seeking refuge from the sun under the shade of majestic trees, creates an experience that will make you reluctant to leave this enchanting garden.



Why Visit The Blooms Orchid Park in Ratchaburi?

Garden Orchids Thailand Great Variety Colors

The "Bloom Orchid Park," located just 25 kilometers from Ratchaburi town, offers a delightful retreat for orchid lovers and nature enthusiasts. The park encompasses an expansive area of over 100 rai in Bang Phae District, Ratchaburi Province, creating a natural oasis adorned with diverse plant life, serene watercourses, and, of course, the soft, enchanting fragrance of orchids.

Divided into three distinct zones, the park caters to visitors of all ages, making it a rewarding destination for families, couples, and solo travelers.

  • Zone 1: Enchanted Orchid Gardens
    • In this section, the park opens as a winding pathway, meandering through a captivating display of vibrant orchids bordered by lush trees, plant varieties, ponds, and gently flowing waterways.
    • The orchid collection includes numerous multi-colored specimens from various species, including rare and hard-to-find varieties. It's a visual feast for flower lovers, offering a delightful and serene atmosphere for a leisurely walk and photography.


  • Zone 2: Orchid Farm and Sales
    • This zone serves as an orchid farm where visitors can explore the cultivation of these exquisite blooms and even purchase them.
    • You'll get a closer look at nurturing and growing these delicate flowers, gaining insights into orchid cultivation.
    • It's an ideal space for those interested in adding a touch of floral elegance to their homes or gardens.


  • Zone 3: Family-Friendly Fun
    • For families with young children, this zone is a highlight. It features an area where kids can interact with and feed animals under the attentive care of the park's staff.
    • A great learning opportunity for children, it allows them to connect with and appreciate various animals in a safe and engaging environment.
    • It's a perfect addition to your family outing, where both young and old can make cherished memories.


The Blooms Orchid Park in Ratchaburi, Thailand, offers more than just a floral experience; it's a journey through a beautifully cultivated natural paradise that beckons visitors to connect with nature, relish the serene ambiance, and explore the captivating world of orchids and ornamental plants.

Whether you're an avid orchid lover, a family seeking an enriching outing, or a traveler looking to capture the beauty of Ratchaburi, this park has something special in store for you.



How to Visit The Blooms Orchid Park in Ratchaburi?

Car Parked Road Rock Mountain Background Nature Sunlight Ratchaburi Thailand

To reach The Blooms Orchid Park in Ratchaburi, Thailand, you can follow these directions by road:

  • Route from Petchkasem Road via Nakhon Pathom Province
    • Head southwest on Petchkasem Road.
    • Continue through Nakhon Pathom Province and pass by Nong Pho Ratchaburi Dairy Cooperative.
    • Cross the bridge over the Bang Phae Intersection.
    • Drive straight for approximately 4 kilometers.
    • At the irrigation canal around the central km. 84+380 m., turn left.
    • Continue for about 4 kilometers, and you will find The Blooms Orchid Park on the right.


You can also use navigation apps like Google Maps for easy and accurate directions.

  • Route from Damnoen Saduak:
    • Start from Damnoen Saduak and head northeast on Damnoen Saduak - Bang Phae Road.
    • As you travel, you'll pass Luang Pho Sot Temple.
    • At the Hua Pho Intersection, turn left and drive for 3 kilometers.
    • When you reach the irrigation canal, turn right.
    • Follow the canal road for about 2 kilometers, and you'll arrive at the entrance of The Blooms Orchid Park.


These routes will guide you to this beautiful natural paradise in Ratchaburi, where you can immerse yourself in the world of orchids and ornamental plants. Enjoy your visit!


The Bear Travel Did you know?

The Elephant Watching (Orchid) Festival at The Blooms Orchid Park, Ratchaburi, starts in January every year. You can see the elephant orchids in full bloom and feel the fragrance spread throughout the area.




Maps & More information 

The Blooms Orchid Park is a new tourist attraction of Ratchaburi Paradise for orchid and nature lovers in a shady garden atmosphere with an area of ​​over 100 rai! It is easy to travel, and the people who like to take pictures, you have countless beautiful selfie angles!


The Blooms Orchid Park - A Floral Wonderland in Ratchaburi


Entrance Fees

The Blooms Orchid Park is temporarily closed.

Business Address

The Blooms Orchid Park, No. 65, Moo 7, Wat Kaew Sub-district, Bang Phae District, Ratchaburi Province

Business Hours

09:00 - 17:00  |  Monday to Sunday

Phone Number

+66 (0) 871-114-436  +66 (0) 861-110-084

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