BY Hungry Bear

After You Dessert Cafe

After a day’s work, I’m now in the mood for dessert! 🧁🥧🎂🍰 and guess what???????? This dessert cafe got my attention. ‘After You’ attracts people with its slogan "There's always room for dessert." And it just made me hungry even more!!! 🤤🤤😋🤩

The After You Dessert Cafe founded in 2007 in Thailand has by today more than 70 branches in the country, mainly around Bangkok 🤔  By today, it’s now a well-known brand for sweets and coffee, especially for the Shibuya Honey Toast. 🤩

If you love sweets (like me), then read on because this place is absolutely for you! ❤️❤️❤️